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Chia 1.8.1 GPU? - Latest Update and Price Trends

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www.ehainews.com - Chia, a cryptocurrency that offers a different mining system than Bitcoin, has released their latest version, Chia 1.8.1. This update has been highly anticipated by many users, especially those interested in GPU mining. However, the hopes of GPU mining support have not been fulfilled in this latest version. Nonetheless, let's delve into this update in detail and explore the current price trends of Chia.

Chia Price Trends

Before discussing the latest updates, it's important to look at the recent price trend of Chia. It appears that the hype surrounding the Chia IPO and the release of NFT games has not been able to sustain higher price momentum. In the past seven days, the price of Chia (XCH) has experienced a significant decline. At the time of writing this article, the price of Chia is around $34, which represents a decrease of approximately $7 from its price a month ago. This trend indicates that the interest in Chia is not very high, despite the wave of announcements and new developments in the Chia ecosystem.

chia, crypto, ehainews

It's important to note that the information provided in this article reflects the current price of Chia at $34, with a price of around $41 approximately a month ago.

Chia 1.8.1 Update

Chia 1.8.1 offers several improvements and changes that have been anticipated by users. Although this update does not include support for GPU mining, there are some fixes and adjustments that can impact the user experience.

One notable improvement is related to the user experience when loading the NFT gallery. Some users reported issues with missing NFT images or images that failed to load. This update is expected to address these issues and enhance the user experience when accessing the NFT gallery.

Furthermore, there are also fixes related to NFT search by name. This update is expected to resolve the errors that occurred when users tried to search for NFTs based on their names.

Other fixes involve issues with signing messages with NFTs, displaying unknown applications after successfully connecting with D-apps through Wallet Connector, and the update indicator not appearing when moving an NFT to a different profile.

In addition to user experience improvements, this update also includes GUI changes such as replacing Keybase links with Discord links. These changes may not directly impact end users but signify ongoing developments in the user interface.

Criticism and Expectations

Despite being perceived positively by some users, there is also criticism and expectations arising within the Chia community. Some users express disappointment over the lack of GPU mining support and hope that future updates will accommodate GPU mining to improve efficiency and mining speed.

The downward price trend is also a concern. Despite various announcements and new developments within the Chia ecosystem, the price has not followed the positive trend anticipated by some users. There is hope that future announcements and increased adoption will boost the price of Chia.

Chia 1.8.1, although falling short of users' expectations for GPU mining support, still offers significant improvements and adjustments for the user experience. This update addresses several issues related to NFTs and the user interface. Nevertheless, users remain hopeful for GPU mining support in the future.

The price trends of Chia indicate a decline in the past month, showing that the interest in Chia has not reached the expected level. However, with further announcements and developments, there is hope for price improvement.

As Chia users, it is important to stay updated on official updates and announcements released by Chia Network. With ongoing updates and improvements, Chia continues to be an intriguing project to follow in the world of cryptocurrency.

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